Many of these pieces wear their history on their faces. Whether it be fading from hanging in Grandma's
                                dinning room, or the tears of stain from the leaks in the attic.

These works show a more simple way of life.  I consider it a loss to watch these fine old pieces deteriorate
                                                         and be lost to us.

I love to restore, shape and save these pieces of our heritage.  And perhaps when you view them,
it will transport you to Grandma's kitchen, to taste the fresh watermelon that was just picked from your
                                                        garden, when you were a kid.


This piece of art was dated about 1890.  The original piece has a wooden back that is falling apart.
The frame is put together with hand made square nails, and is made of wood with very ornate trim,
along with gold leaf.  I cleaned up it's history and then divided the picture into three separate images.


This was a fun piece to work on.  This creation is oil on canvas.  The piece is about double in size,
that you see here.  There was no date, but the piece is probably about 50-75 years old.  When taken
out of the frame, the oils started peeling off the canvas and started cracking.  The oil was so faded,
you could hardly see the grapes.


This is one of my favorites.  "Little Girl", has a sister that I am current working on.  These girls hold
their age quite well, for they are over 130 years old and are probably European, and like the others,
these sisters were faded and torn, with water stains.


This is one of the oldest pieces that I have completed.  I find the various shades of white
and black, make for a very interesting piece.


This piece calls back to the 70''s, with it's bright sunlight colors and cheerfulness. This small oil
was faded and torn,  and had lost it's light to the years of time.  I really enjoyed restoring it's life to
once again smile for all of us.

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The Heritage Salvation Collection.  Hidden away and forgotten in various places
                    are remnants of art that represents another place and time.
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Moo Magic
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Cowgirl Chic
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